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Tours to Hallshtat and and the Wacahau Valley.


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Wachau valley
Kivrei Zadikim
Tour Starts From €160
Wachau valley

For many townies, the Wachau was something of a place of longing around 1900, an area of ruined clifftop castles high above the river, farmers’ gardens strewn with fresh flowers, dreamy womens’ figures out walking. Many artists have been inspired by the environment here, indeed, and created beautiful landscape paintings.


The Hallstatt Trip
For a great day trip with a car from Vienna to the lakes region of Austria. You can visit one of the most impressive areas that Austria has to offer and enjoy the particularly picturesque landscapes.
The trip is of course the most picturesque village in Austria Hallstatt
On this trip, you will see the best of the Lake District of Austria!
Go through colorful villages, overlooking the lakes of Austria and breathe the clean mountain air in the Alps.
The trip begins from Moon Lake Mond (Mondsee)
Then a 20-minute drive to Wolfgangsee Lake
After the Wolgang, we will take the cable car (Zwölferhorn) at a height of 1600 meters⛰️, an amazing viewpoint of all the Dachstein mountains🏔️. (Dachstein)
Lunch break at a local restaurant (Zwölferhon)
After the cable car, go down towards the car and from there continue to the town of Hallstatt. A 25-minute drive.
Of course such a trip is made with stops and breaks.