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Familiarize yourself with Budapest and its surroundings with guided tours in Hebrew by members of the Banai family.
We offer tours in Budapest and trips outside of Budapest, and everything is done in small and intimate groups, in a fun family atmosphere, and with a personal attitude.
We are all fluent in Hebrew and Hungarian guides, each of us carries extensive knowledge and knows Budapest and Hungary from head to toe.
Join now for a dizzying and unforgettable experience with unique and unconventional tours of Budapest outside of it courtesy of the Banai family!


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Jewish Quarter
Danube Knee
Minibus Tour
Tour Starts From €25
Walking tour of the Jewish Quarter of Budapest

What has the life of the Jewish community looked like over the years in Budapest?
Is there still anti-Semitism in the city? And how did the Jewish Quarter in Budapest get to the busiest area in the city?

The Banai family invites you to join us for a fascinating walking tour in Hebrew of the Jewish Quarter of Budapest. During the tour we will hear stories about the life of the Jewish community in the city throughout history, what life was like in the shadow of World War II, how the government's attitude towards the community changed and we will discover what made the Jewish Quarter in Budapest the city center with a variety of restaurants, pubs, and cultural events!

Walking tour of Budapest

What could be more fun than opening the morning with a Hebrew walking tour of the magical landscapes of Budapest? Set a meeting point, drink coffee, take a selfie, and… That's it, get going!

The Banai family invites you to join us for a family tour of Budapest in an intimate and personal atmosphere and to get to know the city through the eyes of locals.

The walking tour, which focuses on the side of Pest, combines fascinating stories about the glorious history of the city and what the situation is today in terms of economy, education, tourism, and more, all at your own pace and with lots of tips on where to eat, what to see and more!