Kosher Apartment
Golders Green

Welcome to our short-term rental apartment in Golders Green, North West London, UK.
This spacious apartment belongs to a retired British couple who have made aliyah but want to keep a base in London. The apartment is 100% strictly kosher and has a Shabbos timer clock for lights. There is a meaty dishwasher and both milky and meaty crockery cupboards are clearly labeled and available for tenants to use.


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Dudley Court Finchley Road Golders Green London NW11 6AE





Standard Room/Apartment Rate Starting From £100 per night
About the apartment

Located on Finchley Road NW11, the apartment is centrally located in Temple Fortune/Golders Green on the first floor of a purpose built block with a lift and off-street parking. It is within five minutes’ walk of five shuls and several kosher restaurants, butchers and bakeries. For more information, see the location and amenities page.

Perfect for a chosson and kallah, mechutonim or other short-term tenants, the apartment is fully furnished and boasts two double bedrooms (each with two beds), a very large lounge/dining room, good sized kosher kitchen with meaty dishwasher, utility room with washing machine and dryer (available for use), spacious bathroom with separate bath and shower unit, WiFi, linen and all rates are included for rentals of up to one month. For more pictures both inside and out, visit the pictures and videos page.

About the apartment

The apartment can comfortably sleep four adults in its two twin bedrooms, and there is a travel cot and baby changer (small babies only, no children) in the second bedroom which is available for tenants to use. An additional folding bed can be provided if required, but that would need to be set up in the lounge. Both bedrooms have cupboards and shelves available for use, and tea/coffee and a kettle and Shabbos urn will be left in the kitchen for you as well as a Shabbos lamp.



Towels and sheets (beds will be made with fresh linen)
Utility room with washing machine & dryer
Lights and heating
Baby travel cot and changer (small babies only)
Additional folding bed available on request


Milky & meaty crockery
Meaty dishwasher
Two ovens


Shabbos timer clock for lights
Shabbos urn and tea/coffee
The apartment is situated well within the North West London Eruv. For more information please visit

Shuls within ten minutes walk of the apartment

Gerer Shtiebel - Nusach Sefard (Bridge Lane, NW11)
Eitz Chaim Yeshiva - Nusach Ashkenaz (Bridge Lane, NW11)
Beis Hamedrash Divrei Chaim - Nusach Sefard (Bridge Lane, NW11)
Finchley United Synagogue (‘Kinloss’), Kinloss Gardens N3 3DU – Nusach Ashkenaz. Has four minyanim on Shabbos, including one sefardi minyan
Bridge Lane Beth Hamedrash – Nusach Ashkenaz 44 Bridge Lane, NW11. This shul has four minyanim for shacharis every day as well as Daf Yomi etc. Visit their website for davening times at


Complimentary WiFi