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Shuki Spektor

Hello, my name is Shuki Spector, I am a local guide in Paris.
I came to Paris 30 years ago, and like many others, I fell in love with it at first sight. The magical streets, the breathtaking art and the amazing cuisine mesmerized me and I just wanted to get to know more and experience more.
Over the years I have regularly hosted family members, acquaintances, friends, and friends of friends ... each time the reactions were enthusiastic and the recommendation was "" Shuki, you must be a professional instructor! ""
I was convinced. I completed a degree at the Sorbonne - admission requirements to the College of Tourism in Paris. For two years we dived into the depths of French history, delved into the history of art from antiquity to contemporary artists, spent weeks in museums and scanned the city’s squares and streets, as Paris is an open-air museum.
Since professional is a hobby! I am a tour guide for groups, suitable for personal tours and organize in-depth tours, family tours and tours for companies. Each time I get excited anew to uncover the hidden Paris from the kind of tourists and create a different sensory experience.
One of the fascinating experiences is the tours I do for groups and individuals in the many museums of Paris. I enjoy meeting art-savvy visitors, see it as a challenge to excite "beginners" and especially I feel satisfaction when children discover the secrets of art and come out enthusiastic and with a taste of more!
Art, atmosphere, fashion, cabaret, special gardens, gourmet. Just say - Paris is full of them and looking forward to guests.
Tell me what your interests are and I will tailor a fascinating trip that will suit you only!
Contact us and get to know Paris as if you were born here.





Le Marais
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Museums and exhibitions in Paris

Museums and exhibitions in Paris
Paris is blessed with many and varied museums, and it is worth starting our trip with a tour of about an hour and a half in one of them. You are guaranteed a fascinating and experiential tour.

The Louvre, which was the palace of the kings of France, is the highlight of the museums in the city and has tens of thousands of paintings, sculptures, archeological exhibits and more. Offers you a fascinating tour into the depths of this vast museum.

Two other large and popular museums are well worth a visit:

The Orsay Museum, the Temple of the Impressionists, and the Pompidou Center, where there is a Bloom Treasure of modern and contemporary art.

Other recommended museums: the Orangery, the Tyrrhenian Museum, the Picasso Museum, the Jacquard Andrei Museum, the Museum of French Historical Sites and many others - each one is world and full.

Every year there are dozens of rotating exhibitions in Paris that are worth a special visit to the city. This is a rare opportunity to be exposed to a one-time collection of works from around the world. As a certified guide I am invited to participate in preparatory tours with the curators of the exhibitions, and then offer a guided visit to those interested.

Le Marais

The word mara means egg. The neighborhood got this name because the place had standing water created from the arm of the dry Seine. In the middle of the 14th century King Charles V, who turned the Louvre fortress into his residence, built a small castle there (which no longer exists). All the nobles of the court hastened to build small palaces around it.

The French Revolution and Napoleon Bonaparte allowed Jews to live in France after 400 years in which their stay in the country was banned. The Jewish immigrants, who came without means from Eastern Europe, settled in this neighborhood, which by now had grown to its greatness, and it was known as the "Hapelzel." Today it is one of the trendiest and most expensive neighborhoods in Paris.

On our tour we will visit noble houses, hidden gardens, we will pass the main square Place des Vosges we will reach the Jewish street, we will pass the Picasso Museum and also past selected chocolate shops until we reach the 'Red Children' market Marche des enfants where wonderful food stalls and restaurants and houses Crowded and trendy coffee.