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Tour Plus Switzerland 2024

The hotel is open between the dates : 07/07/2024-08/09/2024
Galat kosher Lemahadrin




Via Maistra 94, 7504 Pontresina, Switzerland





Standard Room/Apartment Rate Starting From per night
Schloss Hotel & Spa

The hotel is located in the heart of the Alps in the St. Moritz lakes region, overlooking the amazing view of the lakes and the famous mountain ranges of Bernina and invites vacationers to an unforgettable summer vacation. The hotel was originally built as a castle at the end of the nineteenth century. It was recently renovated and turned into a luxurious 4**** Deluxe hotel that offers its guests a royal vacation experience with spacious and well-equipped rooms and large and luxurious suites with modern contemporary design in a luxurious, pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Spacious and elegant lobby
Spacious and luxurious halls and dining rooms
A large event lounge with a luxurious and innovative design
Children's play area
A closed outdoor lobby balcony overlooking the relaxing landscape
3 tennis courts, 1 beach volleyball court, climbing wall, spa, sauna, jacuzzi and relaxation room, indoor and heated pool.
A cooled and heated pool
A luxurious spa

Schloss Hotel & Spa

A culinary celebration
In the best of Thor-Plus's glorious tradition, you will enjoy a culinary celebration and gourmet meals in a variety of styles and, of course, fine Italian food as befits the St. Moritz area. Everything is kosher from Hodar Galat Mehdrin of Rabbi Pinchas for drying padwa shlita.

The accommodation at the hotel is based on half board, free coffee and cake and hot drinks all day. On Shabbat, full board, fancy Kiddush and coffee and cake.


Spacious and elegant lobby

Large and lavish halls and dining rooms
An enclosed outdoor terrace overlooking the tranquil panorama

Large events lounge with a modern design that is innovative and opulent

Children’s play area

3 tennis courts, a beach volleyball court and climbing wall
Covered heated swimming pool – separate bathing only

Spa, sauna, jacuzzi with a relaxation room