So you too were wondering who are the guys running Austrip? We can simply say that we are “the friend who lives abroad”, “the uncle or aunt who moved to Europe”, “the one who works abroad for a few years and will soon return to Israel”…

Or just those Israelis that friends will recommend you talk to because they know all the places worth seeing (even if they are not on the first page of a travel book).

We have been living in Vienna for years and spend a lot of time discovering wonderful Austria. Over the years we got to know the Austrian culture and cuisine, the places that the locals love and the areas that must be included even on a short trip.


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Tour Starts From €85
Wachau Valley

Are you coming for a trip to Vienna and want to enrich your trip with a trip out of town? Love nature and great views? Or maybe also antiques and wine? Interested in a trip with a personal attitude and a relaxed pace? Join us now for a great day trip with a car attached from Vienna to the Wachau Valley and back.

Price: €85

Hallstatt and the Salzburg Lakes

Join us now for a great day trip with a car attached from Vienna to the Salzkammergut – Austria’s unique lakes region. In a light and fun way you can visit one of the most impressive areas that Austria has to offer and enjoy particularly picturesque views. The highlight of the trip is of course the most picturesque village in Austria – Hallstatt .

Price: €125