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Behind the Scenes
Medieval Vienna
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Vienna Behind the Scenes

In Vienna, beauty is visible almost anywhere you go. The true secrets and stories, however, can be found between the hidden lanes and passages of the city. In this tour, you will get to visit the quiet courtyards, romantic squares, and those passages you may have gone by many times but never knew were there! The tour also includes an exclusive visit underground, to see a part of the city known only to few.

Tour highlights:
Freyung and the private palaces
Schottenstift and Schottentor
A secret visit underground
Herrengasse and Cafe Central
And much much more!

The Secrets of Medieval Vienna

Tour description:
Vienna was extremely interesting during those “Dark times” but not many visible parts are left in the city today. What happened during these centuries? How did the upper and lower classes live? Find out the answers and explore the secrets of this important period in the development of Vienna. Get to know the people of the past who called Vienna home and who laid the foundations in its early days.

Tour highlights:
Freyung and the Schottenstift monastery
Am Hof and the court of the Babenberg family
And much much more!