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Kivrei Zadikim
Tour Starts From €130

Trip description:
Start of the day from 8.30-9.00 in the morning.
Travel towards the Limestone Cave in Vienna + a cruise inside the cave for about 8-10 minutes, the walking tour of the cave takes 45 minutes, the tour is guided in Hebrew, the temperature in the cave is 9 degrees all year round. The cave was excavated from 1848 to 1912, in 1912 they reached a huge wall that did not know what was hiding behind it, and when they blew up the wall about 20 million cubic meters of water came out of the wall, and the water washed the whole cave. The cave was abandoned until 1932, and in 1932 the people of the town returned to clean the cave again until the Nazi era, the Nazis took this cave and turned it into a factory for assembling fighter jets.
Today this place is a tourist site that people come from all over the world,
It is one of the largest caves in Europe, about 6200 meters.
In 1993 the film 3 Musketeers was made in this cave.

From the Limestone Cave we drive towards Melk, the first town where the Wachau Valley begins, a town founded 900 years ago, a town with about 6000 inhabitants, a very small town that stretches along the banks of the Danube, the monastery was the general headquarters of Empress Maria Triese, and also of Napoleon, At the Melk Monastery you can see the National Library, which houses more than 1,200 ancient books and ancient manuscripts.
The tour of the town takes 45 minutes, and from there we drive towards the lake areas, the journey takes about an hour and forty, and when we arrive we will start to see the lakes, picturesque towns, board a cable car of 2.73 km in a time of 16 minutes, to an altitude of 1.5 km.
We will look down from above and see the Alps, the lakes, the surrounding towns, stunning views !!!.
Boarding the cable car will be only in nice and good weather without winds and rains, after the cable car we travel in the direction of Salzburg, in Salzburg we will be about 2-3 hours,
We will walk in the old city, we will see where the prodigy Mozart was born,

Of course there is much more to see around Salzburg.
- Salt Cave
- Ice Cave
- Town of Hallstatt
- Waterfalls
- Dachstein 5 fingers

The trip is done by me. Does not include a professional guide.


There are also trips to Bratislava that is made to order,
The trip to Bratislava takes between 5-7 hours,
What You See :
1. Kever of the Chatam Sofer
2. The Old City
3. The fortress where there is a viewpoint of the whole city
4. The area of ​​the Jewish ghetto
5. The Jewish Museum
6. The new promenade + the new Mall that is connected right next to the Danube
7. Parliament

The city of Bratislava has improved very much over the years. There is in the old town, full of many restaurants, cafes, the very modern old town, worth a visit to Bratislava for those who stay more than 4 days in Vienna

The trip is done by me. Does not include a professional guide.
The route to Salzburg, Methausen, Bratislava, Prague, Budapest - is done by a local professional guide, at the request of the client. (The basic trips are done by me)